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Auckland City West Policing District – Sports Day

Auckland City West Policing District has their annual XMAS party and Fun Day

On behalf of the Auckland City West Policing District, we extend our sincere appreciation to
Graeme and the dedicated team at the Mass Sports Trust for their invaluable assistance in
orchestrating our annual Sports Event on Thursday, December 7, 2023.
Their unwavering support, encompassing the meticulous compilation of the event draws,
provision of essential infrastructure, supply of sports equipment, and adept officiation,
specifically contributed to the seamless execution of the event. Their collaborative efforts
ensured that our Police district could totally partake in the occasion.
In light of this successful collaboration, we express our enthusiasm for continued
engagement with the Mass Sports Trust in future Sports events. We wholeheartedly endorse
and support their endeavours to secure sponsorship and additional backing, enhancing the
overall significance of forthcoming events. Your commitment to excellence has undoubtably
elevated the calibre of our annual event, and we eagerly anticipate the prospect of future
Yours sincerely,
Ryan Cain
Auckland City West Area
Tactical Crime Unit