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Graeme Wallace

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Sandi Hackett

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Andy Liu

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Richard EMERY

Admin and Fundraising


  1. Seek, accept and receive subscriptions, donations, subsidies, grants, endowments, gifts, legacies, loans, bequests and monies, in kind or partly in both;
  2. Subsidise, encourage and incorporate with any other person, organisation or group (whether incorporated or not) sharing similar charitable purposes with the Trust;
  3. Publish and distribute brochures and other materials supporting the physical, mental and emotional benefits of participating in sporting activities;
  4. Run, support and provide courses, training and other educational activities to encourage, support and demonstrate the mental and physical health benefits of participation in team sports;
  5. Make known and advertise the Trust and its purposes by any means as the Trustees may decide; and
  6. Undertake such other activities and enterprises as the trustees may decide will further the purposes of the Trust.